Believing These 8 Myths about Rowing Machines Keeps You from Growing

If you want to look healthy and younger, then you need to spend some time to do exercise. The first step to improving your health and fitness you need to do workouts. You can either go to the gym or buy a machine and do workouts in your home. One of the most important and effective workout machines is rowing machine. The rowing machine is a kind of device with oars and sliding seat resembling a sculling boat. It comes with some sort of machine to track distance, speed, power and burned calories. This machine provides one of the three following mechanisms such as magnets, water, or air. You will get more benefits while doing workouts on this machine. It actually looks like a fisherman rowing their boat in the lake. Once upon a time, rowing considered a man workout but now time changed. Everyone can do workouts on the rowing machine. It can help you to build and tone your body muscles. It also strengthens your cardiovascular function and increases your stamina. This machine most widely suits for the older fitness enthusiasts because they do not place any strain on your back and joints.


Myths about rowing machine:

In this world, there are many myths believed and followed in doing some workouts and exercise. The major myth about doing workouts on the rowing machine is higher the stroke rate. It is totally a wrong fact about this machine. It does not increase the chance of higher stroke rate. It is the better workout for all kinds of people. The rowing machine spins the wheels faster and provides you better results. The range of twenty-four to thirty strokes per minute maintained by many machines. Likewise, the rowing machine also maintains this. Another myth is intensity about the indoor and outdoor rowing machine. Both the type of the machine maintains the same an intensity.  The pain leads to gain is the older myth. People believe that doing workouts with pain will lead to the better result. This thought is very wrong. The next thing is exercise means not only spend more calories. If you workout for two hours and eat heavy meals, then the burned calories will also add. Many people think that join gyms will make them fitness and healthy. It is waste of time and money. Take some to do exercise in your home itself.  The bigger myth is about it provides a workout to upper body only. However, it is a full body workout. Follow these suggestions of rowing machines by to stay fit. You can also check best elliptical machines for home use if you are looking for an alternative for rowing machines.

Benefits of rowing machine:

Many benefits that you will experience doing workouts on the rowing machine they are:

  1. burn calories

In the average doing workouts in the rowing machine, people can burn between 400 and 800 calories in less than an hour.

  1. Weight loss

The rowing will burn calories quickly. It is most suitable for the people who want to reduce their weight. It can help you to burn calories up to three hundred in thirty minutes. Doing workouts on the rowing machine frequently will lead you to the weight loss.

  1. Improves cardiovascular

Doing exercise using the rowing machine will increase the heart function. It also uses carbohydrates in order to provide the energy required to do exercise. If you keep the rowing machine tension at a low level, then it allows you to maintain a high rate of speed with little resistance in order to reach and maintain an aerobic state.


Hence, doing workouts with the help of rowing machine will lead to bringing a healthy and fitness body to you. This will decrease the rate of heart and lung diseases. It will also improve your mental health and metabolism of your body.