Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

About The Product:
If there was a machine that could set the standard in rowing, it would be the Conept2 Indoor Rowers. It is the undisputed choice of Olympic athletes, rehab patients, the regular rower and the casual exerciser. First, it has the unbeaten 500-lb maximum user weight capacity. Its a great investment, commercial grade exercise gadget and the Model D comes at a surprisingly affordable price of less than $1000.


Concept2 rowers operate on air resistance rather than magnetic or hydraulic type resistance. This works by capturing the feel and rhythm and feel of real water rowing with the use of a precision calibrated and balanced flywheel. Resistance is generated by wind caught in the spinning flywheel which gives the smoothest and most hassle-free workout tension settings. Its virtually maintenance free without any brake pads to wear out or a friction mechanism that needs to generate heat. A spiral damper creates the restraints which allow you to choose the intensity of your rowing workouts. A self calibrating Performance Monitor with amazing hi-tech functions comes with the Concept2 rower and the machine easily separates into two parts for easy transport and storage.

Product Specifications:

The Concept2 Model D includes the following standard specifications:
*500-lb. maximum user weight capacity
*Extruded aluminum I-beam monorail with stainless steel seat track
*Chain driven steel flywheel with glass hi-impact, ABS Thermo-plastic enclosure
*’Quiet Cog’ sound-softening system
*Thermo-plastic elastomeric idler pulleys for increased durability and noise reduction
*Battery powered PM3 or PM4 Monitor with one LogCard
*CD with PM3/PM4 Compatible Software
*PC-interface with USB Connection Cable
*Assembled Dimensions: 95 x 24 x 14(seat height) inches ( L x W x H in inches)
*Product Weight: 57 lbs.

Our Verdict:

It has been tagged as the worlds leading rowing machine and has set the standards by which all other rowing machines are measured. And it comes as no surprise as the Concept2 Model D Rower is an institutional grade exercise machine with flawless air resistance and top-end features you would usually find in professional level gym equipment.

If you are ready to spend a little more for your home rower, you will get your moneys worth with the Concept2 Model D Rower. Actually, its still relatively low priced for its top of the line components and guaranteed durability. State of the art features you normally don’t find in home gym rowers are incorporated into this model, and you get the same professional workouts as most of the worlds leading athletes. Definitely, the Concept2 rower has set the standards.…

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Review

About The Product:
While other forms of exercise training limit their target outputs, rowing exercises work out all major muscle groups and improve overall stamina and strength. A Kettler Kadett Outrigger Rower is a welcome addition to any home gym, its got all the A1 features of professional gym rowers yet does not need you to go over a thousand dollar budget.

The Kettler Kadett Outrigger has special circular arm movements which closely replicate the actual process of outdoor water rowing, less the threats of capsizing and weather disturbances! Its resistance system is made with hydraulic cylinders that have the capacity to set adjust difficulty levels on a scale of 1 to 12. Ergonomically designed seat type and smooth runners beneath ensure a considerable smoother and comfortable glide.

More remarkable are the features in its training monitor which, apart from the standard time-distance-speed readouts, allow you to program specific workouts based on distance settings or stroke speeds. This one is more interesting than the rest as it gives out audio signals when you have reached your target. Such a small feature, but it keeps you from constantly having to glance at the monitor.


Product Specifications:

The Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Includes the following standard specifications:

  • 285-lb. maximum user weight capacity
  • Top of the line German engineering and design
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Double-jointed handles with unique outrigger design
  • Hydraulic cylinders with 12 resistance settings
  • Training computer with visual and audio signals
  • Anti-slip base for better floor protection
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Assembled Dimensions: 59 x 67 x 18 ( L x W x H in inches)
  • Folded Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 18 inches
  • Product Weight: 66 lbs.

Our Verdict:

The Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower is a combination of excellent craftsmanship and superior engineering put into a compact exercise machine. Inherent to superb German manufacturing standards, the Kadett reflects precise design and features to give you the most complete workout for the whole body.

The frame is obviously more stable than its competitor brands, and the most popular feature is the outrigger design which mimics the natural elliptical motion of real-life water rowing. With this, the Kettler stands out from the competition, as natural and fluid rowing motion causes a lot lesser stress and jarring on the joints, enabling the user to go for longer periods of low-impact workouts.  Anyone looking for quality and performance wouldnt go wrong with this one.…

Believing These 8 Myths about Rowing Machines Keeps You from Growing

If you want to look healthy and younger, then you need to spend some time to do exercise. The first step to improving your health and fitness you need to do workouts. You can either go to the gym or buy a machine and do workouts in your home. One of the most important and effective workout machines is rowing machine. The rowing machine is a kind of device with oars and sliding seat resembling a sculling boat. It comes with some sort of machine to track distance, speed, power and burned calories. This machine provides one of the three following mechanisms such as magnets, water, or air. You will get more benefits while doing workouts on this machine. It actually looks like a fisherman rowing their boat in the lake. Once upon a time, rowing considered a man workout but now time changed. Everyone can do workouts on the rowing machine. It can help you to build and tone your body muscles. It also strengthens your cardiovascular function and increases your stamina. This machine most widely suits for the older fitness enthusiasts because they do not place any strain on your back and joints.


Myths about rowing machine:

In this world, there are many myths believed and followed in doing some workouts and exercise. The major myth about doing workouts on the rowing machine is higher the stroke rate. It is totally a wrong fact about this machine. It does not increase the chance of higher stroke rate. It is the better workout for all kinds of people. The rowing machine spins the wheels faster and provides you better results. The range of twenty-four to thirty strokes per minute maintained by many machines. Likewise, the rowing machine also maintains this. Another myth is intensity about the indoor and outdoor rowing machine. Both the type of the machine maintains the same an intensity.  The pain leads to gain is the older myth. People believe that doing workouts with pain will lead to the better result. This thought is very wrong. The next thing is exercise means not only spend more calories. If you workout for two hours and eat heavy meals, then the burned calories will also add. Many people think that join gyms will make them fitness and healthy. It is waste of time and money. Take some to do exercise in your home itself.  The bigger myth is about it provides a workout to upper body only. However, it is a full body workout. Follow these suggestions of rowing machines by to stay fit. You can also check best elliptical machines for home use if you are looking for an alternative for rowing machines.

Benefits of rowing machine:

Many benefits that you will experience doing workouts on the rowing machine they are:

  1. burn calories

In the average doing workouts in the rowing machine, people can burn between 400 and 800 calories in less than an hour.

  1. Weight loss

The rowing will burn calories quickly. It is most suitable for the people who want to reduce their weight. It can help you to burn calories up to three hundred in thirty minutes. Doing workouts on the rowing machine frequently will lead you to the weight loss.

  1. Improves cardiovascular

Doing exercise using the rowing machine will increase the heart function. It also uses carbohydrates in order to provide the energy required to do exercise. If you keep the rowing machine tension at a low level, then it allows you to maintain a high rate of speed with little resistance in order to reach and maintain an aerobic state.


Hence, doing workouts with the help of rowing machine will lead to bringing a healthy and fitness body to you. This will decrease the rate of heart and lung diseases. It will also improve your mental health and metabolism of your body.

HDTV – High Definition Television

Television, one of the greatest entertainment devices ever created. Back in the day, people were outstanded by the capability of being able to watch broadcasts in black & white.People were amazed by the technology of being able to watch live broadcasts from across the world, films and sports all whilst not having to leave their homes. Then came along colour!Obviously, we have come a long way since then, what with the capabilities of computers and the internet,…


Television, one of the greatest entertainment devices ever created.

Back in the day, people were outstanded by the capability of being able to watch broadcasts in black & white.

People were amazed by the technology of being able to watch live broadcasts from across the world, films and sports all whilst not having to leave their homes.

Then came along colour!

Obviously, we have come a long way since then, what with the capabilities of computers and the internet, video calling and other technological advances, having colour television all seems a bit primitive.

Since colour television there also have been some more advances for our viewing pleasure.

There was the VCR, giving people the choice of recording their programmes or buying video’s for their kids.

Then came along DVD. DVD produced improved quality in audio and visual a normal VCR cassette couldn’t compete with, as well as separating the films into scenes and sections, and adding extras.

Now with digital television widely becoming the standard, we have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) & Plasma screens, again improving picture quality whilst saving space. But it doesn’t stop there.

The new technology that again, will improve the viewing pleasure is ‘High Definition TV’ or HDTV for short.

So, what is HDTV?

HDTV is the latest generation of digital TV, providing life-like picture quality, at least four times superior to current standards. It will provide extremely clear and fine picture detail with richer colours, improving the visual experience.

At launch, HDTV is thought to be available from BSkyB. In order to view programmes broadcast in ‘High Definition’, a soon to be released HDTV Sky Receiver with Sky+ technology will be required. In addition, the benefit of High Definition will only be apparent through a HDTV television (ideally plasma or LCD).

Please note, not all Plasma & LCD televisions currently available are HDTV compatible. It is expected to become available in the first quarter of 2006.…

LCD Technology

Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology may sound exotic, but in reality we use it every day. LCD technology is utilized in stereos, computer monitors, microwave ovens, digital clocks and calculators. Today, the technology is also being used in high-tech flat screen TV sets and video monitors that produce incredibly clear images.


LCD screens function by obstructing light. Within the screen, the ligquid crystals are contained between two sections of polarized glass. The crystals control the brightness of light as it’s transmitted through the glass. An electrical charge is applied, and the crystals react to it, rotating to allow the light to pass through the sections of glass. The LCD display is made up of pixels and is illuminated by a florescent bulb that sends white light through the glass panes. Each pixel is split into red, green and blue sections that work together to produce a color image. One pixel can create about 16 million colors.

LCD televisions offer plenty of benefits to viewers. They offer superior brightness and contrast capability – far better than anything offered by traditional cathode ray TV sets. Flat screen LCD sets also feature a 160 degree viewing angle, so that watchers will see everything from just about any location in the room. Because the contrast quality is so good, viewers don’t have to worry about turning off all the lights in the room to get a good picture. Lamps don’t produce a glare on an LCD flatscreen set.

Another bonus with an LCD set is that most models come equipped with tuners and speakers. All you have to do is plug the set in, and it’s ready to go. The tuners and speakers are built in, which means no extra components like set-top boxes or receivers are required. This makes the LCD set perfect for homes that don’t have much space to spare for a big TV that requires extraneous equipment.

LCD sets are equipped to display high definition television as well as standard television. LCD sets can also serve as computer monitors and all-around video monitors. They can handle any kind of video format, and most come equipped with inputs for S-video, component video, and composite video. Most LCDs offer about 60,000 hours (or about twenty years) of viewing, making them a good investment. They last longer than plasma sets. The bulb is a critical factor in the LCD set, as it’s responsible for picture and color quality. With some sets, the bulb can easily be replaced. Other sets have bulbs that are built in to the LCD system, making matters more complicated when it’s time to replace the light source. Before investing in one of these sets, check into brands and model types. It pays to do a little research prior to buying.…


The Latest Models In The Mobile Phone Industry

Over the years, mobile phones have become an indispensable and integral component of modern communication. Various brands are constantly vying against each other to deliver the very best mobile phones in terms of features, functionality, and service and of course design. This is achieved by the rapid advances in technology and innovative expertise. Companies frequently launch newer models which come packed with advanced features and functionalities; thereby satiating the demands of the cell phone enthusiasts as well as retain their positions on the higher rungs of competition. Here is a brief lowdown of some of the latest cell phone models launched by various companies:

Nokia N82


The Nokia N82 is yet another addition to the much fancied Nokia N series. This multimedia cell phone is well optimized and well defined for navigation, internet connectivity as well as photography. In fact, the N82 brings to the user an enhanced and enriching experience in photography. The model does not just boast about its high-end camera (5 megapixel auto-focus camera with a Xenon flash, and Carl Zeiss optics); but also features various highly utilizable functionalities like gaming, Bluetooth with A2DP and microUSB for PC connectivity, Wi-Fi, music player, A-GPS with pre-installed Nokia maps and much more. The buyer also gets a free trial of the voice guided navigation for 3 months. Additional features can however be purchased.

LG Rhapsody


The LG Rhapsody has recently launched its mobile phone with a “navigation wheel” similar to the Nokia N81. The phone features a state-of-the-art music player. This fine looking mobile phone delivers an enhanced audio experience. A contributing factor to this achievement is that LG mobiles has come together with Mark Levinson; the leading audio equipment manufacturing company. The phone also features Bluetooth, a 2 mega pixel camera as well as one GB of internal memory and external memory support.

Sony Ericsson K660


This fancy looking candy bar mobile phone is yet another launch by Sony Ericsson. It is essentially a mid-range mobile phone packed with adequate features and a great design. It is available in fancy cool colors and the joystick has been replaced by a five way navigation pad which is easy to operate and maneuver. Light-weight and trendy; the phone has many feel-good factors like a 2 mega pixel camera, the PhotoDJ, Video DJ and MusicDJ software, gaming, TrackId and much more. The VideoDJ feature enables the user to edit video files and cool rngtones can be created with the MusicDJ. Furthermore, it delivers 32 MB of internal memory and M2 cards for external memory is supported. With its decent enough battery life, the user gets over a day and a half regular usage on a single charge. Its regular features include stopwatch, notepad, timer, calendar, schedules and much more. It is 3G enabled with HSDPA and has a VGA camera to facilitate video calls. The Google maps too come preinstalled with this model.

Nokia N81 GB


Although a tad bulky; the Nokia N81 features an amazing music player, free media content and an impressive 8GB of internal memory. The slider switch at the top enables keypad locking and on either side is a set of stereo speakers. It is 3G enabled with a secondary VGA camera as well as a 2 mega pixel camera with an LED flash at the back side of the phone. The 5 way navigation pad can also be used as a navigation wheel. However, the key placement can be un-ergonomic. Overall, it is an impressive addition to the N series and for people who favor a sliding phone model; will be more than pleased with its smooth slider action.

The New LG Shine (In Titanium)


With the success of the LG Shine Black Label Series; LG has added another model in the Shine series- The LG Shine Titanium color. This is by far the only phone in the mobile phone market that boasts of a Titanium finish metal body. These phones will an ideal choice for consumers who want the phone design to be an extension of their personality. Sleek, shiny, slim and elegant- the phone comes in unique design variations as well as incorporates enhanced technological expertise. The newer color versions feature a 2 mega-pixel auto focus camera, 1 GB memory with microSD cards. Furthermore, it is Bluetooth enabled and sports a 2.2 inch mirror LCD screen. Other features include the E2E dictionary, document viewer, email viewer and much more.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic


The Nokia5310 is lightweight and fancy with a slim and sleek design. The USP of this Nokia model is its enhanced musical capabilities. Besides that, it features a microUSB port, a 2 inch TFT screen, a 2 mega pixel at the rear, and an easily maneuverable five way navigation pad. As for connectivity, it includes PTT (Push to Talk) and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP compatibility.…